Essential Oils for Cold Sores

The Oily Guru

Most people have to deal with painful and unpleasant cold sores at least once during their lifetime. About 80 percent of the population carries the virus responsible for cold sores, and although the virus usually stays dormant, it can flare up when your immune system is weakened.
It’s common for a cold sore to develop as you recover from a sickness or if you have a vitamin deficiency, and they can sometimes take weeks to fade.

Over-the-counter topical medicines can help speed up the healing process and relieve pain, and doctors can prescribe anesthetic gels for cold sores that are exceptionally painful or long-lasting. Some people also try antiviral medicines, but all of these treatments can be expensive and can cause adverse effects. For these reasons, many people turn to essential oils to treat their cold sores.

Why are essential oils good for cold sores?

Essential oils have a wide…

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