Rodney Smith: Analog Fine Art Photography


HSI-0804-082-091 fCaLW6j8tSsoJ2n3wlDOZwwb-photo-kiev-01131 0OzqQ3iajll7Jfa1Uzn8jwtotravelistolive-rodney-smith-10.jpg
wb-photo-kiev-014rodney-smith-07rodney-smith-04wb-photo-kiev-027wb-photo-kiev-017smith+treePWE-0813-001-02пннннsmith--1024x1012rodney-smith-04s1200037-rodney-smith-theredlist043-rodney-smith-theredlisttotravelistolive-rodney-smith-08Rodney Smith : Analog Fine Art Photography

Recalling Magritte works, photographs Rodney Smith bewitch us in his surreal universe. As if he was staring at the time, the artist manages to subjugate us with strange and poetic shots.

Rodney Smith, a prominent photographer whose whimsical work invited comparisons to that of the Belgian surrealist René Magritte’s, died on Dec. 5 at his home in Snedens Landing, N.Y. He was 68.

The people in Mr. Smith’s photographs carry umbrellas and wear hats, often bowlers. Some peer into binoculars as if they can see into the future. Others lean into space at odd angles, Buster Keaton-like, or are poised to leap from a building ledge or airplane wing. A few have their faces obscured by hats, boxes and lampshades.

wb-photo-kiev-00977fca249-a04c-4830-86b5-e2b12227e572In the catalog to a 2003 show of Mr. Smith’s photography at the University of Virginia, Jonathan Stuhlman, an art writer and curator…

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