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All aromatherapists know: every person is different.

Each person experiences aromas and tastes differently, and individuals will always have personal preferences.

However, when blending for a targeted group, such as men or women, it’s helpful to have a few “general” favorites in mind. For example, many men prefer heartier spices and woodier scents when choosing aromatic fragrances.

Whether you’re looking to work with aromas and blends yourself or you’re looking to create formulas for your clients (or favorite dudes!), here are 5 essential oils for men to get you started:

1. Black Pepper Essential Oil

5 Essential Oils for Men

Black pepper Piper nigrum (L.) has a rich history. Pliny once spoke of it as “more expensive than gold.” Today, it is one of the most commonly used spices and a favorite aroma for men.

Black pepper has a spicy, sporty, and woody aroma that adds a classic and robust vibe to men’s blends

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