Top 5 Reasons Why Essential Oils Are ESSENTIAL 

The Oily Guru

Essential oils are FAR more than just hippie nonsense – in fact, they are one of the most powerful tools on the planet for optimal health. Below are the top 5 reasons why essential oils are ESSENTIAL and you should consider adding them into your daily life.

First, what are essential oils? Essential oils are the aromatic compounds found in the seeds, stem, flowers, and rinds of plants. Often called the “life blood” of the plant, they help protect it from threats and also help the plant reproduce. They are in essence the plants own medicine.

what is oil1. Essential Oils are 100% Natural

Since essential oils come from plants, they are made from similar building blocks to our body. This means our body recognizes and can easily metabolize them. The use of plant-based herbs and oils dates back thousands of years when they were used for hygiene purposes, spiritual rituals, and perfumes. In fact Hippocrates…

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