Dracula’s Castle – Bran, Romania

Far East Travelogue

We hear different kinds of stories since we were kids about magical creatures and beyond our dream fantasies. We love to hear fairy tale stories with happily ever after ending, heroic bravery of magical kingdoms, fairies, angels, unicorns and all those medieval knights. But, among these stories, we are very intrigued about vampires, demons, supernaturals and we are most familiar of the name Dracula or Count Dracula. yes, it is scary and hearing strange stories will give you ghost bumps. We all experienced celebrating tricks & treat during Halloween, participating in masquerade parties and competitions of best Halloween costume. Nowadays, writers or book authors and entertainment or film industries are very welcoming to the story about vampires and sometimes it is a big box office in the film industry.

Okay, so whether it is a hearsay, a legend, a myth, about vampires, whatever we see in the movies and we…

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