Against All Odds, Swimming Outdoors In The Midst of Winter

The Antimuseum in Paris (and beyond)

Piscine Molitor - Swimming in WinterAgainst all odds, on Dec 3, 2016, when we paid a visit to the newly rebuilt Piscine Molitor swimming pool building, I wasn’t expecting to find anything else but a 4 star hotel and restaurant and bar. Little did know that a real open-door pool was there, hidden in the background.

Piscine Molitor - Paris - 2016

And I wasn’t expecting anyone to swim there either, in the open air, in freezing temperatures (0° celsius).

Piscine Molitor - Paris - 2016

I was there with my favourite camera and lens.

Piscine Molitor - Paris - 2016

These people were swimming outdoors and it was freezing out there!

Piscine Molitor - Paris - 2016

Don’t ask me to mimic this guy, don’t even think about it, I need 5 layers in this kind of temperature.


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