Why Weddings in Mongolia are so Much More Fun — The Insatiable Traveler

I remember musing that a wedding planner would think I’d lost my mind. Wrestling? You want wrestling at your wedding?! Her shock giving way to complete bewilderment and horror when I followed up with…..and by the way, we’ll want a horse race too. I scanned the Kazakh celebration and grinned. The wrestlers were introducing themselves […] … Lire la suite de Why Weddings in Mongolia are so Much More Fun — The Insatiable Traveler

What is an ecosystem? | #Sustainability #nature #gardening


Modalités d’évaluation des acquis scolaires des élèves à compter de la rentrée 2016


Onegesias — Tootlepedal’s Blog

Today’s guest picture shows a bridge across the River Rye in Yorkshire which my brother visited on a very hot day in an attempt to avoid the bank holiday crowds. We enjoyed another dry day today here although the lightest of drizzle every now and again made sure that we didn’t take it for granted. […] … Lire la suite de Onegesias — Tootlepedal’s Blog

La fosse des Mariannes, l’endroit le plus profond du monde


Le codex Selden révèle des images restées invisibles à l’oeil nu pendant 500 ans


Juno-nous-montre-Jupiter-de-pres–MAJ-%5D Juno nous montre Jupiter de près (MAJ)